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Joe Pogan is a proud native of Oregon currently residing in Aloha. After serving four years in the Navy, he attended college to study art and welding. More than twenty years as a professional welder has enabled him to move up to the precise and demanding task of welding aluminum frame mountain bikes. He's used his unique combination of welding expertise and artistic talent for the last several years to create an amazing variety of animal sculptures using fascinating "found metal" objects.

Artist's Statement

I create animal sculptures using various "found metal" objects like old watches, sprockets, nuts and bolts. The stranger the piece of metal the better, since the end goal is an eye-catching, fascinating amalgamation of metal with odd nooks and crannies you can explore for hours.

I start by welding a frame to make the general shape. Then I weld or braze the metal objects one at a time, to form the outer shell of the sculpture. I use a "blending" technique that leaves no space between the objects, so the sculpture looks solid. This allows me to hide interesting objects all over each piece, which enhances the excitement of discovery. Some of the works are mounted on a hardwood base that I finish with natural oil.

I hope people enjoy my works as much as I enjoy creating them.